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[personal profile] phoebe_zeitgeist: Friday, June 3, 2011

  • [ profile] facetofcathy: Links about representation - I want writers (in the general sense) to expand their character palette. But in the specific, I want writers to do it out of a drive to write that particular character as a character, not as an ambassador from planet X!Identity making a special guest appearance in fic now for the very first time. -

  • [ profile] bironic: [in kink_bingo] Force Me, Please: On Noncon and Noncon Play in Fanfic - This is an essay about nonconsensual sex (noncon) and noncon roleplay in fanfic, why I love them, why they may work for other people, and how approximately one zillion kinks complement them -
    (tags: kink fanfic)

  • [ profile] sailorptah: How to write Fic About Issues without it becoming Issuefic - Issuefic at its worst is didactic, boring, and with cookie-cutter characterization thanks to everything being subsumed by the goal of Making A Point, which is handled with about as much subtlety as a whack-a-mole mallet. (I could go on.)But for the most part, I don't think writers set out to lecture. They just set out to write Non Faily Fic about some srs bsns subject or another, and try too hard. -
    (tags: fanfic writing)

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[personal profile] fairestcat: Wednesday, June 1, 2011

  • [personal profile] needled_ink_1975: Mind their language! - Please, please don't go grabbing bits of foreign-to-you languages from those "Common Phrases in Language X" websites. You might be able to get away with it if you only use really common words like the translation for 'Okay/all right,' 'Yes,' 'No,' 'Please,' and 'Thank you.' Very often, you won't get away with any more than that. -

  • [personal profile] elf: Cry OC, and let slip the sues of fic - I've been pondering which fandoms lend themselves to OC-heavy fic, maybe only-OC fic. I'm focusing on "normal" media fandoms, rather than things like games or works of art or songs; I'm not addressing fandoms that many fanfic archives wouldn't acknowledge as sources for fic. I want to think about (and therefore, inflict you) the fandoms that *could* have lots of OC fic, but just don't. -

  • [personal profile] petra: [in kink_bingo] Ramp-up Essay: Writing Dirty Talk - My golden rules for writing dirty talk are "What would this character enjoy saying?" and "What would their partner(s) want to hear?" -
    (tags: kink writing)

  • [personal profile] aris_tgd: [in kink_bingo] Ramp-up Essay: Discipline, and the Line Between Guilt and Shame - if you're writing discipline, if you figure out which side of the guilt/shame divide you're on, it's easier to figure out what kind of emotions need to be present in the scene. And focusing on those emotions can make any kind of writing more immediate, and give your characters something to focus on between counting blows. -
    (tags: kink writing)

  • [personal profile] pinesandmaples: [in kink_bingo] Ramp-up Essay: Opening the door, or how fanfic changes everything - yes, we create awesome kinky pieces as part of this event, but there are larger implications! There is so much power and potential tied up in each piece we create and release into the wild. Who knows what switches it will flip, and what buttons it will push for someone who is searching? -

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[personal profile] fairestcat: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

  • [personal profile] elf: Does "fanfic" mean "other people's characters?" - Is a writeup of a D&D game "fanfic?" Does it have to focus on the canonical characters & settings to be fanfic, or is the fact that it's set in a canonical world enough? The more I poke around fanfic things, the more it seems that "fanfic" often means "someone else's characters." Not someone else's settings; not fic inspired by a canonical source; not retelling someone else's stories. Those are acknowledged as fanfic (and Yuletide gets lots of them), but they get the sideways look, the double-take followed by, "oh yeah ... I guess that can be fanfic too." -
    (tags: fanfic gaming)

  • [personal profile] slagsmacker: Location, Location, Location (or why am I here?) - Posting - Where femslash writers post/why/where femslash writers don't post/why -

  • [personal profile] sqbr: Political fanart - I googled "political art" to get some ideas, and came across this post of 50 political artworks. And as I scrolled through thinking about what a transformative version of such art might look like I realised: many of them are transformative already. -
    (tags: fanart)

  • [personal profile] snowynight: Where 're the femslash little black dress - My hypothesis about the lack of femslash little black dress is thus: There're just not enough female characters. Even nowadays a show can be without one female major character. -

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[personal profile] fairestcat: Wednesday, May 18, 2011

  • [personal profile] morgandawn: TEWFIBBA (weacatst)* - Three Easy Ways For Increasing Big Bang Accessibility (while eating a cookie at the same time) -

  • [personal profile] morgandawn: Thoughts about making the Big Bang more accessible - More fans (not just ones with disabilities) are now using eReaders to read Big Bang fic. They're running into a few problems - not being able to access older fic or art when LJs or websites go down (by older I mean sometimes as little as a few months) and the amount of work it takes to reformat multi-part LJ stories into a format that an eReader can use. -

  • [personal profile] helens78: Get your IJ, if you still want it - the number of people who are saying in comments that IJ "isn't your archive" and we "shouldn't expect IJ to archive our journals" are making me see red. I know that a lot of these people are probably kiddos whose primary experience in interactive journaling sites is the constant ephemery of Twitter and Tumblr, but those of us who have been keeping journals one place or another for ten years, and refer back to those entries? Yes, we do expect to be able to come back to our original service and see the archives of our past history, or the past history of our friends. -

  • [personal profile] dragovianknight: Y'all know I love Insane Journal - But I am really, really not happy about the current purge of journals which haven't been active since January 2010. Not happy about the fact that Squeaky, who supposedly understood fandom and welcomed us, doesn't give a damn about wiping out stories and art and history which may not be archived anywhere else, and not happy about the fact that he set the journals to deleted, and THEN sent out emails telling us how to save our journals if we wanted to keep them. -
    (tags: IJ deleting)

  • [personal profile] naraht: Is slash necessary? and further fannish fail from me - I continue to be thinky about the potentially problematic nature of saying "I don't have slash goggles, I only see what's actually in the canon." Does seeing clearly and contextually when it comes to queer representation imply a need for slash goggles, or perhaps simply an understanding of how they can operate to redress a long-standing and systemic representational imbalance? Is not being able to see that way a result of internalized heteronormative assumptions? And how is it that I grok The Celluloid Closet but not Kirk/Spock? -

  • [personal profile] lightgetsin: Tumblr - Hi, I’m Light and I’m blind and I read political tumblrs, I read porn tumblrs, I read the fanfic flamingo, I read stupid tumblrs about cats. Please stop deciding I don’t get to like your stuff. -

  • [personal profile] blueraccoon: what started as one thing, and turned into something else. - I cannot overemphasize how important safewords are. If you start fic without them, you're basically saying that no one has a right to say no, and how fucked up is that? Consent is not implied, and no one should be forced into ANYTHING without it. -

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This is a catchup post for the links we missed posting. Due to size, it is behind the cut.
Cut due to size )

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[personal profile] acari: Monday, April 18, 2011

  • [ profile] sarken: Where do you prefer to read fic? - You know how some authors post the header to their story and then, instead of posting the text, include two clearly-marked links, one of which says something like, "Read this story on Dreamwidth," and the other says something like, "Read this story on Archive of Our Own"? I was just wondering what people do when they see that, so I present you with a poll. -

Mon, Apr. 18th, 2011, 07:12 am

[personal profile] lovelokest: Sunday, April 17, 2011

  • [ profile] skaredykat: When stories disappear - back again - Given that there is a culture/etiquette of respected pseudonymity in fandom, shouldn't it be extended to publicly viewable activity around a fan's works or presence once that fan is no longer online? That is, let's not make it publicly obvious that we're connecting dots or actively digging up and sharing past traces of their presence? -

  • [ profile] danceswithgary: Very emphatically no - There are so many different reasons for fanworks or journals or blogs to have been deleted and every one is legitimate even if you don't like it because that person owns those items and it's their right to do what they like with them. If the creator has explicitly said they don't mind copies being distributed, that's one thing, but that shouldn't be the default action or assumed to be the case. -

  • [ profile] kikiko_haru: [in riverside_ebook] Deleted Journals. Is the Fic Fair Game? Part 2 - It goes like this... a journal is deleted with all its fic. The author may or may not have expressed their wish as to what to do with fic still out there (ie request that it not be distributed anymore or so on), or maybe you just can't find the LJ-user anymore. But hey! someone over there *points* was industrious enough to save a copy of it to their hard drive and here you come looking for said fic and lo, the journal is gone. What's a fan to do? :O So you plead to the communities looking to see if you can find that industrious person and hope they're wiling to share. But...should one share?? -

  • [ profile] vickyblueeyez: [in fandom_lawyers] Fic from deleted journals, fair game? - Recently an author deleted their fic from LJ and by deleting their accounts. The author cannot be reached. I've saved said fic as a PDF and don't know if I can distribute it. -

  • [ profile] sophinisba: Profiles on the AO3 - I would really like it if more people would put a little information there, especially links! The three things I would love to see people put in their profiles are-Where else they are on the web (like LJ/IJ/DW)-How to contact them privately-How they feel about uses of their work -
    (tags: ao3 podfic)

  • [ profile] vickyblueeyez: Deleted fic lost and found - I'd like to create some kind of lost and found fic community. -

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[personal profile] acari: Monday, April 12, 2011

  • [personal profile] helens78: Vote Ticky! - I am in favor of tickys because tickys are a form of communication. They can help engender community and relationships in a way that can enhance comments rather than replacing them or taking away from them. When someone isn't commenting, it's impossible to know if it's because they're lost for words, aren't on a platform suitable for lengthy comments (how many users read the site from smartphones now?), don't have a lot of spoons, have to conserve typing time... or aren't reading and don't care. -
    (tags: dw comments)

  • [personal profile] forthwritten: fanfiction and my younger self - These stories could express things I didn't know I wanted, didn't know existed. No matter how uncool it might be to admit to reading fanfiction, I can't deny that I'm grateful it's there. -

Sun, Apr. 10th, 2011, 08:32 am

[personal profile] lovelokest: Saturday, April 9, 2011

  • [ profile] melannen: Love & Marriage - One thing I love in a good SF story is ways of doing love, marriage, and romance that don't buy in to our society's idea of love+romance+sex+monogamy all on one single person as the only way to do it.I have a small collection of worlds that have come up with better ways, and I have a great deal of fun trying to fit the 'shipping debates from various fandoms into these other ways of looking at love. -
    (tags: poly fanfic)

  • [ profile] synecdochic: LiveJournal's DDoS and Russian Politics - So, people who grumble about "the Russians" taking over LJ should remember that in Russia, LiveJournal isn't just the top blogging platform, it's the blogging platform. It is Russia's free press. It is the tool being used to fight corruption and advance the cause of democracy. And, more practically to LJ users, the Russian-speaking sector of LJ is the reason LJ is still there at all. -
    (tags: lj ddos russia)

  • [ profile] caras_galadhon: Things You Should Know When LJ Goes Down-- - Right, so. It looks like the DDoS has subsided for the moment, which means I have a chance to provide a quick post listing ways to keep yourself informed whenever LJ hiccups/goes down/experiences a blackout. -
    (tags: lj)

  • [ profile] killabeez: If you love us, you'll archive your fic. - If all this LJ trouble has brought one thing in to sharp relief, it's that what worries me about losing access to LJ is the fic. -
    (tags: archiving lj)

  • [ profile] the_shoshanna: sex, and slash sex scenes - At Muskrat Jamboree, I went to a panel on sexuality and slash fandom, and also to one on anal sex (which I went to mostly because I thought it would be hilarious, and it was, but it was also really interesting). And it seems that something I said may have gotten reported around, so I thought I'd repeat and expand on it a bit. -

  • [ profile] lim: Query: on reccing art - I really want your opinions/ideas on this: how to go about reccing art not on deviantArt -
    (tags: fanart reccing)

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[personal profile] lovelokest: Saturday, April 2, 2011

  • [ profile] kotohime: [in sailormoonfans] So, I've been wondering... what makes fanart "good"? - So I'm wondering... can a piece of fanart be "good"; simply because of its concept more than how well it was drawn?
    What kind of criteria do you have for "judging" fanart?

  • [ profile] vampirenaomi: [in ffr_discussion] FF.Net and the quality of writing - Every now and then someone makes a remark about how there's nothing but shit at the Pit. Someone always jumps in to defend the site, and one of the usual arguments is that the level of quality is very fandom-specific. Some fandoms have nothing but crap posted at FF.Net, but for some other fandoms the site can be a gold mine. -

  • [ profile] silentcs: [in podfic_tips] reading emoticons, textspeak, punctuation - I was going over a few stories when I realized that I didn't know how to handle some of the texting language and conventions out loud. -

  • [personal profile] echan: Real People are Hard - I'm currently working on a vid about a real person. A real, live, not fictional, pays taxes and has a wife and kids, person. This is weirding me out in a number of ways, but basically, he's real. Suddenly I wish I had had any interest in Real Person F(ic/andom) before now so I would be well read on the meta and would probably have answers to my queries. -
    (tags: rpf vidding)

  • [ profile] cschick: It was an oddly fannish history type of day ... - What responsibility do I have to those stories? Many discussions which affected all fandoms, and in some ways shaped future fandoms, took place on the chaos lists. How much terminology originated on Fictalk? How much discussion about what fan fiction archives should be and should become took place on the archivists list? Maybe less than I remember, maybe more. -
    (tags: history)

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[personal profile] acari: Monday, March 20, 2011

  • [personal profile] princessofgeeks: categories and definitions again oh my - Is it better to discard the category of "femslash" in favor of an umbrella term, or is it better to preserve the category of "femslash" so that its profile within and without fandom is raised? [...]
    Is it more accurate nowadays to say that gen means "no romance" or that it means "no porn"?

  • [personal profile] vito_excalibur: genderswap fic - And a number of us know women without vaginas. (And men without cocks, and so on.) So it occurred to me: why assume a genderswapped character would have all those things? What would a genderswap fic be like in which the former dude comes blinking out of the plot device physically the same in every way, but now a pre-op (or non-op, or whatever) trans woman? -

  • [personal profile] yourlibrarian: Fannish origins - So to sum up, creative fannishness tends to spring from long-form, high-visibility projects with at least one attractive male lead and no popular roadblocks to a developing relationship among the leads. Around LJ/DW it also profits from a dark underside, even if that potential is never quite exploited in the show. This is no doubt why, while I quite enjoy Castle and Community, I don't feel any particular need to get involved with their fandoms. And while I find myself more intrigued by the potential in WC, it has yet to turn out an episode that grabs me by the neck and makes me see that the writers themselves know what they have on their hands. -
    (tags: fandom)

  • [ profile] faithwood: Babbling about fandom. - I think everyone, more than once, read a popular story and ended up loathing it, or they've read an unpopular story and found it brilliant, or a popular story they loved just like everyone else, or an unpopular story they hated just like everyone else. The first two scenarios anger or confuse us and the latter two make us feel validated. Neither scenario means we're right. -

  • [ profile] hollow_echos: How do You Define Success in the Fandom? - The fact that fandom involvement often changes for individuals makes it kind of tricky to consider how far an individual has come in the fandom. If only there were benchmarks, road signs, to let an individual gauge how they are progressing in their growth in the fandom. -

  • [personal profile] princessofgeeks: two things make a post - Compared to ten years ago, are people more multi-fannish all at the same time than they used to be? Or is this my imagination? -

  • [ profile] penknife: Remix thoughts - For people who are currently panicking about their Remix assignments, some thoughts on what to do when you look at your remixee's stories and flail in distress: -

Sun, Mar. 6th, 2011, 03:25 pm

[personal profile] trouble: Sunday, March 6

  • [ profile] morganoconner: When an author lacks an ounce of respect for her readers - If you've written a fic, and the potential is there for something to be construed as dub-con - even if you as the author don't agree - there needs to be a warning in clear view for your readers to see.
    (tags: warnings)

  • [personal profile] podcath: [in podficmeta] From Hating Music in Podfic to Loving it: A Convert's Journey - I've been meaning to make a post on music in podfic for a while, mostly because I'm a very recent convert. When I first started listening to podfic in SGA, none of them featured music, and that's what I'd gotten used to. Moving into SPN, I started to hear a lot more music (first, actually, in the EVPs, which saw themselves more as podcasts mixing music with speech and different stories) and there were various reasons I started strongly disliking the use of music.
    (tags: podfic music)

  • [profile] alamo_girl80: A look at Fandom Pairings - Okay, since most of my LJ posts of late have been something around the "To Slash or Not to Slash" arena [...] - I'm going to toss this observation and a few meta questions out into the ether.
    (tags: slash h50)

  • [ profile] yourlibrarian: Whither the Squick - In short, I think the fans' perception of a celebrity needing protection from his/her fans' imagination seems a projection of fans' own deep discomfort in seeing their desires out in the open for public consumption. The desire for connection exists in every fic. It also forms the basis of the fan communities in which the stories are produced and where those connections often do find realization in the form of connection to fellow fans. This may be more easily deniable in the case of FP fic where such connections to the characters are clearly impossible and can be considered entirely harmless and in no way a sign of unrealistic expectations.
    (tags: rpf fanfic spn)

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[personal profile] acari: Tuesday, March 1, 2011

  • [personal profile] cimorene: GWG or Girlfriends-What-Girlfriends - a term I could potentially get a lot of use out of - My kneejerk reaction is "Of course!". We need a term for this, because this is a really common story type, on a par with PWP or UST. I'd love to see a world where this was a universal tag at AO3 and something that almost everyone in fandom tagged their bookmarks with on Delicious -

  • [ profile] paraka: An Open Letter to bjwewelled - From the comments you've left, I gather that we're interpreting your words in ways you didn't intend us to and it probably seems like we're reacting rather harshly. Some of that is us, we're bringing in a history of past interactions with people who have said similar things, but part of that is definitely how you've put things and how you're reacting. I'm hoping to help clarify why we're reacting so strongly and also to answer some of the questions you've had -
    (tags: podfic)

  • [personal profile] frigg: All these words that we speak casually - Seeing others being routinely cruel with no repercussions will create a mood where cruelty is trivialised and pardoned. We can reverse that, from both outside and in. We can do good - even if they seem like small, tiny inconsistent things. We can call out bullies, people being insulting and lies for what they are. We can create safe pockets in unsafe places. We can warn off others we know would get hurt by something. We can console friends who have been hurt. We can choose not to turn a blind eye when somebody is being hurt or shamed. We can share and spread respect and openness even in wanky discussions. We can set rules for ourselves, and sometimes for others too. This is us, this is our community too, these are our places. We have a voice. -

  • [personal profile] solarcat: Safe Sex (in MY porn!?) - what is YOUR take on the topic of safe-sex practices in porn? (Fic porn, filmed porn, whatever.) Does it turn you on/off? What about a distinct LACK of safe-sex practices in your porn? Do you sit there thinking, No condom?? >:( or UNF. I WILL BE IN MY BUNK!? -

  • [ profile] rosemaryandrue: Using Our Grown Up Voices ('ware bullying) - Yeah, fandom isn't high school. Sometimes it isn't even elementary school. So, what to do with all this, with the responsibility of being an adult and the wisdom we can learn from school? I'm not sure. I wanted to ask people to speak up, but I know the awful scars it leaves and how painful and hard it can feel to have any extra demands made of you when you've already been hurt. -
    (tags: bullying)

  • [ profile] zephre: Brain Flotsam - I offer this post as a safe space for people to discuss the problem of bullying in our online fan communities, the difficulty of painting all anonymous communities with the same brush, the emotions generated not only by the direct bullying but by the reactions of fans and fandom spaces to it, the differences between bullying and constructive criticism, and concrete actions that can help us move forward to stop bullying and reclaim our fandom spaces as safe and healthy communities. -

  • [ profile] venivincere: That damned mean meme is an arse, why anon love memes are different, and how to truly strike back - So to anyone who's been devastated by this group of idiots, please, please remember: opinions have to be voiced to have any meaning. Anons don't have a voice. Therefore, logically, anons can't have opinions. Don't waste a single moment more giving credence to an arse. Do what you want in this fandom, do it with abandon, share the love, the squee, the awesome art and stories. -

  • [personal profile] kaneko: Writing tricks. Also tofu. - [...] I've been thinking about some of the tricks and cheats I use a lot -- some borrowed, some figured out through trial and error. So a few of my writing tricks. I'd love to know some of yours too! -
    (tags: writing)

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[personal profile] phoebe_zeitgeist: Thursday/Friday, February 17-18, 2011

  • [ profile] tablesaw: Dear Dead Authors: You Can Take Your Affective Fallacy and Shove It Up Your Intentionality - when I think of "The Death of the Author," I'm thinking of an outlook that is designed to fundamentally empower readers over authors. So when it comes to, as Yuki_Onna calls it, fuckmuppetry, why is this pulled out as a defense of authors? -

  • [ profile] executrix: Meta: The Adventures of a Slut, I Just Can't Shut - Apart from having a physical type that I find attractive, and sharing the great fannish love for snark and those who control its means of production, I was going to say that one thing that links most of the characters I like the best is that I usually write about people who I can believe enjoy casual sex. -
    (tags: fanfic sex)

  • [ profile] arasigyrn: How Things Change - I know the hero's story - it's been part of the stories I've told and been told since I was a child. They fight: they face set-back: they triumph. It's a pattern and once you see it, you can't unsee it. Tell me the sidekick's story! Tell me the nemesis' story! Tell me a story I haven't heard. -

  • [ profile] facetofcathy: TV I have watched - What I find much more interesting than looking for any sort of "Two nations divided by a common language" politics in fandom is the way various source texts present place and character voice when a lot of those places and people aren't from either the US or the UK. There are, after all, many more than two nations with their own versions of English and my response to both Lost Girl and Haven has a lot to do with things that are familiar to me, sometimes when they shouldn't be. -

  • [ profile] sailorptah: Narrative anti-kinks? - I think I've put a finger on one of my narrative anti-kinks. For lack of a shorter name, let's call it Drama And/Or Angst In Which None Of The Characters Are Likable. -

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