Thu, May. 26th, 2011, 12:01 pm
[personal profile] fairestcat: Wednesday, May 25, 2011

  • [personal profile] elf: Does "fanfic" mean "other people's characters?" - Is a writeup of a D&D game "fanfic?" Does it have to focus on the canonical characters & settings to be fanfic, or is the fact that it's set in a canonical world enough? The more I poke around fanfic things, the more it seems that "fanfic" often means "someone else's characters." Not someone else's settings; not fic inspired by a canonical source; not retelling someone else's stories. Those are acknowledged as fanfic (and Yuletide gets lots of them), but they get the sideways look, the double-take followed by, "oh yeah ... I guess that can be fanfic too." -
    (tags: fanfic gaming)

  • [personal profile] slagsmacker: Location, Location, Location (or why am I here?) - Posting - Where femslash writers post/why/where femslash writers don't post/why -

  • [personal profile] sqbr: Political fanart - I googled "political art" to get some ideas, and came across this post of 50 political artworks. And as I scrolled through thinking about what a transformative version of such art might look like I realised: many of them are transformative already. -
    (tags: fanart)

  • [personal profile] snowynight: Where 're the femslash little black dress - My hypothesis about the lack of femslash little black dress is thus: There're just not enough female characters. Even nowadays a show can be without one female major character. -

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