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  • [ profile] helens78: Vote Ticky! - I am in favor of tickys because tickys are a form of communication. They can help engender community and relationships in a way that can enhance comments rather than replacing them or taking away from them. When someone isn't commenting, it's impossible to know if it's because they're lost for words, aren't on a platform suitable for lengthy comments (how many users read the site from smartphones now?), don't have a lot of spoons, have to conserve typing time... or aren't reading and don't care. -
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  • [ profile] forthwritten: fanfiction and my younger self - These stories could express things I didn't know I wanted, didn't know existed. No matter how uncool it might be to admit to reading fanfiction, I can't deny that I'm grateful it's there. -

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Why have you started using LJ profiles with links that go to Dreamwidth? When you used the DW profile, we knew which links went to where without having to hover over every individual link. Please go back to doing it that way.

Thank you.