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  • [ profile] skaredykat: When stories disappear - back again - Given that there is a culture/etiquette of respected pseudonymity in fandom, shouldn't it be extended to publicly viewable activity around a fan's works or presence once that fan is no longer online? That is, let's not make it publicly obvious that we're connecting dots or actively digging up and sharing past traces of their presence? -

  • [ profile] danceswithgary: Very emphatically no - There are so many different reasons for fanworks or journals or blogs to have been deleted and every one is legitimate even if you don't like it because that person owns those items and it's their right to do what they like with them. If the creator has explicitly said they don't mind copies being distributed, that's one thing, but that shouldn't be the default action or assumed to be the case. -

  • [ profile] kikiko_haru: [in riverside_ebook] Deleted Journals. Is the Fic Fair Game? Part 2 - It goes like this... a journal is deleted with all its fic. The author may or may not have expressed their wish as to what to do with fic still out there (ie request that it not be distributed anymore or so on), or maybe you just can't find the LJ-user anymore. But hey! someone over there *points* was industrious enough to save a copy of it to their hard drive and here you come looking for said fic and lo, the journal is gone. What's a fan to do? :O So you plead to the communities looking to see if you can find that industrious person and hope they're wiling to share. But...should one share?? -

  • [ profile] vickyblueeyez: [in fandom_lawyers] Fic from deleted journals, fair game? - Recently an author deleted their fic from LJ and by deleting their accounts. The author cannot be reached. I've saved said fic as a PDF and don't know if I can distribute it. -

  • [ profile] sophinisba: Profiles on the AO3 - I would really like it if more people would put a little information there, especially links! The three things I would love to see people put in their profiles are-Where else they are on the web (like LJ/IJ/DW)-How to contact them privately-How they feel about uses of their work -
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  • [ profile] vickyblueeyez: Deleted fic lost and found - I'd like to create some kind of lost and found fic community. -

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