Thu, May. 19th, 2011, 02:28 pm
[personal profile] fairestcat: Wednesday, May 18, 2011

  • [ profile] morgandawn: TEWFIBBA (weacatst)* - Three Easy Ways For Increasing Big Bang Accessibility (while eating a cookie at the same time) -

  • [ profile] morgandawn: Thoughts about making the Big Bang more accessible - More fans (not just ones with disabilities) are now using eReaders to read Big Bang fic. They're running into a few problems - not being able to access older fic or art when LJs or websites go down (by older I mean sometimes as little as a few months) and the amount of work it takes to reformat multi-part LJ stories into a format that an eReader can use. -

  • [ profile] helens78: Get your IJ, if you still want it - the number of people who are saying in comments that IJ "isn't your archive" and we "shouldn't expect IJ to archive our journals" are making me see red. I know that a lot of these people are probably kiddos whose primary experience in interactive journaling sites is the constant ephemery of Twitter and Tumblr, but those of us who have been keeping journals one place or another for ten years, and refer back to those entries? Yes, we do expect to be able to come back to our original service and see the archives of our past history, or the past history of our friends. -

  • [ profile] dragovianknight: Y'all know I love Insane Journal - But I am really, really not happy about the current purge of journals which haven't been active since January 2010. Not happy about the fact that Squeaky, who supposedly understood fandom and welcomed us, doesn't give a damn about wiping out stories and art and history which may not be archived anywhere else, and not happy about the fact that he set the journals to deleted, and THEN sent out emails telling us how to save our journals if we wanted to keep them. -
    (tags: IJ deleting)

  • [ profile] naraht: Is slash necessary? and further fannish fail from me - I continue to be thinky about the potentially problematic nature of saying "I don't have slash goggles, I only see what's actually in the canon." Does seeing clearly and contextually when it comes to queer representation imply a need for slash goggles, or perhaps simply an understanding of how they can operate to redress a long-standing and systemic representational imbalance? Is not being able to see that way a result of internalized heteronormative assumptions? And how is it that I grok The Celluloid Closet but not Kirk/Spock? -

  • [ profile] lightgetsin: Tumblr - Hi, I’m Light and I’m blind and I read political tumblrs, I read porn tumblrs, I read the fanfic flamingo, I read stupid tumblrs about cats. Please stop deciding I don’t get to like your stuff. -

  • [ profile] blueraccoon: what started as one thing, and turned into something else. - I cannot overemphasize how important safewords are. If you start fic without them, you're basically saying that no one has a right to say no, and how fucked up is that? Consent is not implied, and no one should be forced into ANYTHING without it. -

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