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This is a catchup post for the links we missed posting. Due to size, it is behind the cut.

  • [ profile] cschick: Publication is Publication - In some ways, I can't believe that more than 15 years after the first evidence that the Internet can be eternal, we're still fighting this fight.Publication, whether you publish online or in print, is publication. When you publish, copyright applies. Yet copyright is about more than the rights granted to the author.
    For years, I've played with an evolving design for a new fan fiction archive, and this idea was certainly something that never occurred to me. Once a reader saves a file into their own electronic bookshelf, they forever own a particular copy of that file--whether they've downloaded it to their physical computer or not. The fan fiction community would explode. But it is a legally valid interpretation of how copyright functions in combination with electronic bits. -

  • [ profile] morgandawn: LJ News for Fans - LJ has added a feature where comments containing links to "non-whitelisted domains" will be considered spam, screened, and moved to a seperate section. Most fan websites are not white-listed. This applies both to personal journals as well as communities and all journals/communities have this turned on by default.  -
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  • [ profile] francescacoppa: [in otw_news] Mixed Messages from YouTube's "Copyright School" - In short, YouTube has eliminated its one-size-fits-all three strike termination policy in favor of a revamped Copyright Education Center and an official Copyright School. Unfortunately, the Copyright School is presented in the form of a very one-sided tutorial cartoon that attempts to summarize a complicated and constantly evolving area of law using a teal squirrel in a pirate hat. -

  • [ profile] elipie: Meta post is meta, and would love your meta discussion! - As many of you know, I wrote a term paper for my fandom class about user interaction and identity on LiveJournal. I've turned in the rough draft already but a lot of it is based on scholarly essays and my own observations, so I'd really like to hear from other LJ users. -

  • [ profile] murklins: [in deliciouslymad] Delicious has been bought - Yahoo! has sold Delicious to AVOS, a new company started by the founders of YouTube. -
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  • [ profile] havocthecat: Meta: Femslash Once a Year? - Why is femslash so special and unique that people are only signing up to write it for one specific challenge of the year? Or is it that queer women are that special and unique that they get one challenge a year dedicated to them? -

  • [ profile] catechism: [in deliciouslymad] archiving links - So, like many other fannish users of del, I am concerned about the loss of the community-driven fic/art recs that we now get from delicious. [...] So I was thinking: Well, I guess we're going to have to archive that. -

  • [ profile] ira_gladkova: The OTW Server Poll and Fannish Diversity - But I do think this organization could do a damn sight better; I think that a lot of the obstacles currently in our path are neither inherent nor necessary; that the number of obstacles are finite and their height not insurmountable. I think the OTW can and should do better. -

  • [ profile] rheasilvia: Odd tropes and themes - I frequently stumble across odd little tropes and themes that throw me out of a story. I don't mean big anti-buttons or turn-offs here – these things will not make me dislike a story as a whole, or permanently harm my suspension of disbelief (unless they occur in larger number, that is). They're just small details that ring false to me, but evidently not to the author, and presumably not to many other readers. -
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  • [ profile] elf: What I love about the OTW - The OTW cannot, at this time, effectively support fannish diversity. But I love that they keep trying, and that they acknowledge the gaps even nobody can figure out what to do about them. -
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  • [ profile] dagas_isa: [in fem_thoughts] 8 Hypotheses for why f/f stories are more conservative than other types of fanfic - In short, the people who would read more trope-based f/f and the people who would write it keep missing each other. -
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  • [ profile] anatsuno: More talk - Imo, there's no other way to preserve the past aggregation of links+tagging than for fans to opt-in to new Del, and there's no other safe way to keep having a networked, useful aggregation of links+tags for fandom than for fans to also use other services. -
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  • [ profile] elz: Some thoughts on OTW - I see good people doing good work, and not for ego-driven reasons or to reshape fandom in their own images. I don't hear rhetoric internally about how we represent or speak for all of fandom; what I hear people talking about internally is what we can do to make our projects better, more usable, more accessible and more inclusive. What problems are people in different parts of fandom having that we might be able to help with? What sort of feedback are we hearing about our current tools? And so forth. -
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  • [ profile] helkalantto: OTW, diversity and transparency, and my work - In June 2010, I became part of the International Outreach committee, and my main reason was that I percieved the organisation to be too US-centric. There were small things, such as using sentences like "[w]hile fair use is a key component of our intellectual property system" in news posts. There were also big things, such as the fact that at that time the Board was composed entirely of US-American members. And as I supported the OTW and was enthusiastic about it -- still do and still am -- I wanted to do my bit to change this US-centricism. -
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  • [ profile] naraht: No heterosexual explanation...? - Really, though, I want to argue that a canon same-sex pairing should define the concept of No Heterosexual Explanation... for the exact reason that [personal profile] thefourthvine says it doesn't count. Surely every other case listed here is only approaching to that state. Because if the writers really do believe that the characters are doing it, then bar some really good reason for obscuring that information (like, oh, the fact that you're publishing a book in late nineteenth century Britain), then there's no reason for making the viewers play "hunt the gayness" as if it were some sort of Easter egg. -
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  • [ profile] thefourthvine: No Heterosexual Explanation Moments - It is the moment when you try, you genuinely, seriously try to take off your slash goggles and figure out what the writers, producers, directors, and actors thought was happening in a scene, and you can only conclude that, no, they must have thought the same-sex pairing was doing it, too. (It can also be the moment that a non-slasher wanders in, studies the screen for a long moment with narrowed eyes, and then says, "They are so fucking each other.") -
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  • [ profile] kate: Questions about tagging. - I'm wondering, how do you determine what you categories you put things in? What 'ships and characters you list?Because I have a hard time with that on longer stories. As soon as things get beyond the ficlet stage, people develop histories and previous relationships and there are minor characters and their relationships, and there are mentions of things and… how do you know? -
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  • [ profile] epershand: Another kind of "no heterosexual explanation" moments - what are your "being a slasher made me not notice obvious canon queer characters" moments? What are the texts that you only belatedly realized didn't need queering? -
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  • [ profile] pitseleh: gee wilikers worldbuilding sounds like fun. - This post is here to tell you that no, actually, you don't have to make your own language in order to get names. You can, but you don't have to. You don't actually have to create anything in order to create names. But you have to create something if you want to make good names, though. -

  • [ profile] legionseagle: [in hooked_on_heroines] Mary Sue - testing the boundaries - Within the last twenty-four hours I posted a fic up to AO3, which featured an OFC point of view protagonist who, when the story opens, is in her early 60s. No physical description of her [...] is given apart from a hint that she may be suffering mildly from rheumatism. [...] I'm unimpressed to discover that it's already been tagged "Mary Sue" using an AO3 user generated tag. -
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  • [ profile] gomichan: [in the_slash_pile] Discussion: technical quality - Technical quality in recced stories: how important is it to you? By technical quality I mean spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, word choice, and general error-catching. Do you demand perfection? Do you forgive everything? Do you even notice? -

  • [ profile] azurelunatic: I exist, and I exist in many universes. (Yet another rant about queer erasure) - Silence = Death. If fictional people are silenced by their authors, then fuck yeah, we're marching right the fuck in and giving them voices. -

  • sarajayechan: [in fandom_discuss] Regarding the whole "muses" deal and other related business - I guess what I'm getting at did muses get such a bad rap, and do they always deserve it? Do people who do the muse thing always deserve to be judged harshly, or only the ones who are blatantly obnoxious or batshit about it? -
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  • [ profile] zvi: [in podficmeta] Fighting For Our Right To Party - [...] there's a long discussion about posting a story podfic first, text delayed [...]. It raises a few interesting questions which you might care to discuss. -
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  • [ profile] cesy: Prompt Memes on the AO3 - So, essentially, prompt memes will allow you to run some sorts of comment-fic challenges on AO3, though not a full traditional kink meme. They have the structure of lots of prompts and then works posted in response to prompts. They have the ability to mark prompts as "semi-anonymous" -

  • [ profile] brownbetty: Tell me about your problems! - if you are a kink meme author, are there barriers to archiving your fic that could be addressed? -

  • [ profile] elf: Filk & the AO3, Part 2: How the AO3 Could Be The Awesomest Filk Archive Ever - There are, AFAIK, no multi-purpose general-all-filk lyric archives on the web. None. Certainly none that could support contests & collections & gift exchanges. I would love love love to see an AO3-based filk archive—but it'd need features that support filk, which are different from what works best for fic. It would need to have: -

  • [ profile] elf: Filk & the AO3, Part 1: Not Feeling the Filk-Love - I'm not thinking, "hey! The AO3 should support filk!" I'm thinking, "hey, if the AO3 wants to support filk, it's not set up for it." And if the theory is, "if filkers want to use AO3, great; when there's enough filk, we'll sort out if it needs any specific changes"—that's not gonna work. -

  • [ profile] mini_menace: [in the_slash_pile] Original or Fandom? - Which do you prefer?I started out with original fiction (is that rare thing?) and kinda got suck into fandom(s) by reading some really good AU's that got recommended here. -