Thu, Jun. 2nd, 2011, 02:05 am
[personal profile] fairestcat: Wednesday, June 1, 2011

  • [ profile] needled_ink_1975: Mind their language! - Please, please don't go grabbing bits of foreign-to-you languages from those "Common Phrases in Language X" websites. You might be able to get away with it if you only use really common words like the translation for 'Okay/all right,' 'Yes,' 'No,' 'Please,' and 'Thank you.' Very often, you won't get away with any more than that. -

  • [ profile] elf: Cry OC, and let slip the sues of fic - I've been pondering which fandoms lend themselves to OC-heavy fic, maybe only-OC fic. I'm focusing on "normal" media fandoms, rather than things like games or works of art or songs; I'm not addressing fandoms that many fanfic archives wouldn't acknowledge as sources for fic. I want to think about (and therefore, inflict you) the fandoms that *could* have lots of OC fic, but just don't. -

  • [ profile] petra: [in kink_bingo] Ramp-up Essay: Writing Dirty Talk - My golden rules for writing dirty talk are "What would this character enjoy saying?" and "What would their partner(s) want to hear?" -
    (tags: kink writing)

  • [ profile] aris_tgd: [in kink_bingo] Ramp-up Essay: Discipline, and the Line Between Guilt and Shame - if you're writing discipline, if you figure out which side of the guilt/shame divide you're on, it's easier to figure out what kind of emotions need to be present in the scene. And focusing on those emotions can make any kind of writing more immediate, and give your characters something to focus on between counting blows. -
    (tags: kink writing)

  • [ profile] pinesandmaples: [in kink_bingo] Ramp-up Essay: Opening the door, or how fanfic changes everything - yes, we create awesome kinky pieces as part of this event, but there are larger implications! There is so much power and potential tied up in each piece we create and release into the wild. Who knows what switches it will flip, and what buttons it will push for someone who is searching? -

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